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A Carole casting call

Okay, here's our latest hypothetical situation. (BTW, I believe the picture above is Carole looking at "the dailies" at an RKO screening room during the shooting of "They Knew What They Wanted," in between director Garson Kanin, left, and co-star Charles Laughton.)

You're a film producer who has a script for a Carole Lombard biography (or "biopic," as they're referred to in the industry). Now you're faced with a dilemma: whom do you cast as Carole?

Let me toss out a trio of potential candidates:

* Kate Hudson: She's attractive, has a good sense for comedy and has had a few hit films. You can't argue with her bloodlines, either, as the daughter of Goldie Hawn, whom in the late '70s or early '80s would have been ideal for a Lombard biopic.

* Drew Barrymore: Again a solid actress, has comedic skills. And her bloodlines would be great for marketing, because it was opposite her grandfather, John Barrymore, that Lombard became a star in "Twentieth Century."

* Christina Applegate: Has shaken off the ghost of Kelly Bundy and has become a reliable comedic performer. She might be deemed a bit of a longshot, to be sure, but she has the talent.

Which one of the three would you prefer -- or do you have another candidate? Also, would your choice be different depending upon whether or not you already had the money for the film (in other words, marketability)? I await your responses...and your reasons.
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