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13 Most Irresistable Women

In the August 1934 issue of Photoplay magazine, photographer Baron George Hoyningen-Huene picks who(m?) he thinks are the 13 most irresistable women in Hollywood. There's actually 14 names on his list, but, according to the article, two of them "are so alike they count as one." The ladies are:

The One Supreme Beauty, defying any classification:
Greta Garbo

The Most Vital Beauty, also defying classification:
Kate Hepburn

The Classified Beauties:
Dolores Del Rio
Jean Harlow
Toby Wing
Marlene Dietrich
Gloria Swanson
Anna Sten
Loretta Young
Jean Parker
Miriam Hopkins & Grace Moore (count as one!)
Adrienne Ames


Carole Lombard

What "The Baron" says about Carole:
"A most unusual woman who could be a very important actress if she had a chance. She more nearly displays her possibilities in 20th Century than in anything she has ever done. Otherwise, she has played falsely-sophisticated women who look dreary on the screen.

But they are not herself. She is energetic, full of good-will and genuine gaiety, she has intelligence of a high order, and imagination.

Miss Lombard bounds around her dressing room in in an excess of good animal spirits. It was an agreeable surprise to find her so vivacious. Also, she has great chic, a real feeling for fashion, and an interesting face with a fine sculptural forehead. She had so much fun posing that two hours seemed like ten minutes."

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