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Worthy is the LAMB

Regardless of your age, you probably know who that puppet is. That's Lamb Chop, of course, familiar to several generations of television viewers as ventriloquist Shari Lewis' woolly companion. Clever, charming, with an impish personality, Lamb Chop and Shari were beloved on both TV and in nightclubs -- an act that appealed to adults as well as children.

Who's that with Lamb Chop? It's Mally Lewis, Shari's daughter, who has continued the tradition since her mom's passing in 1998.

And speaking of lambs, we at "Carole & Co." are proud to have joined the flock. In this case, lamb isn't an animal -- not even a hand puppet -- but an acronym: LAMB, the Large Association of Movie Blogs. I'm delighted to proclaim that this site has become member #294 in the group.

LAMB members comprise all areas of the movie-blogging spectrum (although I'm glad to note that recently, several classic film-oriented blogs have joined the fold). Just getting acquainted with these fellow bloggers alone makes this a treat, but the LAMB has so much more to offer, things I'm only starting to became familiar with.

For example, there are awards given to blog sites in a variety of categories -- and they're called the LAMMYs. Here's what the trophy looks like:

Ther are also "lamblogathons" and "events" on a theme, illustrated by a noted movie poster altered to fit the LAMB motif. For example, here's the "Lamb Action Hero":

BTW, we know Carole Lombard loved animals, and had all sorts of them over the years. But has anyone ever seen a photo of her with a lamb? I don't know whether she and Clark Gable had any at the Encino ranch.

If you're a movie buff, you'll find plenty of goodies here. And since I just realized I've gushed about this site without providing a URL, here it is: http://largeassmovieblogs.blogspot.com/. (I was going to say I felt a bit sheepish about the near-omission, but...)

So check it out. This is one LAMB even vegetarians can feast on without feeling guilty.


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