December 22nd, 2020

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Providing "Godfrey" with some 'Punch'

"My Man Godfrey" charms audiences 84 years after its release. And that year, it did so on both sides of the Atlantic. Want proof? Take a look at this review from the Oct. 14, 1936 issue of the London satirical magazine Punch, about one month after it hit theaters in the States:

That the reviewer liked "Godfrey" should come as no surprise, but it's nonetheless fascinating to see the William Powell of "Godfrey" compared to the actor's role in "The Great Ziegfeld" earlier in the year. (Had "Libeled Lady" been released in the UK? I'm not sure.)

Powell is praised for his performance, although the writer somehow expected Godfrey to end up with snooty antagonist Cornelia (Gail Patrick) rather than Carole Lombard as leading lady Irene Bullock. Why? I don't know.

Also on the page is a review of Paramount's "The Texas Rangers," starring two of Carole's cohorts -- Fred MacMurray and Jack Oakie.

MacMurray would make many westerns over the next two dozen years, proving he was more than a romantic comedy leading man.

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