December 5th, 2020

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Think of summer evenings

These may be interesting times, but they aren't the easiest, as Carole Lombard's nurse character learned in Britain in "Vigil In The Night." Here in southern California, where the coronavirus has limited the percentage of intensive-care unit beds at local hospitals, effectively resulting in a stay-at-home order as of Sunday night. To add to the gloom, the weather's getting cooler and we're nearing the winter solstice. Depressing, despite the cheer we're told to feel this time of the year.

But keep the faith, wear your mask and social distance when outside the house. There's light at the end of our figurative tunnel -- several vaccines are on the way, there'll be a renewed federal push from a new administration, and seasons will change. By mid-2021, Covid-19 won't be completely conquered, but life should be somewhat better. And we once again can ponder the joy of a summer's evening. In the '30s, Lombard did.

This is from the Los Angeles bureau of International Newsreel Photo; I'm not certain of the specific year, but it's definitely from the 1930s. The snipe reads:

SUMMER EVENINGS -- will be bright with gown of gay printed chiffon and large hats. Carole Lombard, selects a frock in black and yellow print, and adds a hat of black tullo and straw as well as black suede gloves to the costume.

In other words, people, we'll experience seeing such outfits (or their current-day equivalents) sooner than you think.

The still measures 8" x 10". Here's its rear:

The photo sells for $60, and you can purchase it by visiting
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