September 7th, 2020

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Another p1202 mystery

The p1202 series of photos taken of Carole Lombard during her seven-year tenure at Paramount (p1202 was Carole's player number at the studio) tantalize collectors, such as p1202-1420 above. There apparently are more than 1,600 of them. Unfortunately, no complete catalog of such pics is known to exist, and several can't be catalogued because the numbers can't be deciphered.

For example, take this gorgeous swimsuit shot of her, with a mysterious number in the lower right-hand corner:

I spotted something similar today in a new pic available at eBay:

Alas, the p1202 coding has been partially cropped from the photo, and I can't quite make it out. I thought we might have an answer from the back of the photo...

...there's the number "1466" in the upper right-hand corner. A clue? Don't know, since I have no p1202-1466 in my collection.

As for the photo, it's 8" x 10"; you can buy it for $24.99 or make an offer. Find out more by visiting

For those of us who love the smart, well-written sitcom "Mom," many are still in shock from Anna Faris, its top-billed star, amicably deciding to leave the series after seven seasons. (She informed producers of her plans in the spring, though it was not made public until Friday and any season eight episodes have been written without Anna's character, Christy Plunkett.) The show, focusing on recovery from alcoholism and other abuse, has evolved into a well-tuned ensemble, now headed by multiple award-winner Allison Janney as Christy's mother Bonnie Plunkett.

Another member of the AA group reminds us of life's challenges. Veteran actress Mimi Kennedy, who plays wise old owl Marjorie (perfectly!) and is both a Facebook friend and someone I follow on Twitter, comes up with many a cogent saying on the show. This is probably my favorite. To Mimi and everyone at "Mom," Anna as she seeks new personal and professional challenges, and the legion of "Mom" fans, this message:

Truth, Mimi, truth.
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