February 28th, 2020

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A-yachting she and Gary go (thanks, Aunt Helen!)

From this photo, one might sense Carole Lombard and Gary Cooper each had spent their entire lives breathing in ocean air. Not the case, of course; Carole spent the first part of her childhood in Fort Wayne, Ind., while Coop grew up in Helena, Mont., then attended Grinnell College in Iowa.

But both looked fetching in a nautical setting, so for this nautical 1933 Paramount session, they went inside the yacht as well. Lombard hides her lovely legs in bell-bottoms, while Gary puts on a jacket to look more formal:

This image -- which until today I had never seen before -- is up for auction at eBay. Here it is, in full:

And the back, also with the copy enlarged:

We can thank the seller's Aunt Helen for this. She had a vast collection of film and theater memorabilia, having worked for decades at the fabled National Theatre in Washington, a venue three blocks from the White House whose heritage dates back to 1835. Its exterior is shown, as well as a photo of Leonard Bernstein at the August 1957 opening of his "West Side Story":

And here's Aunt Helen herself, with what the seller calls a bit of a Jean Harlow look.

Getting back to the Coop and Carole pic, it's 8" x 10" and in very good condition. You can buy it for $59.50 or make an offer. Interested? Then visit https://www.ebay.com/itm/1933-Carole-Lombard-Gary-Cooper-Oceanside-Paramount-Photo-Shoot-Not-A-Repro/293495291753?hash=item4455aebf69:g:YEcAAOSw6BpeWWSp.
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