February 17th, 2020

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Friday night, Colleen, Keswick and I 'Stand Tall!' under the stars

Carole Lombard examines a script ("Swing High, Swing Low," as it turns out). As a screenwriter, I'd love to get A-list talent to align my way and work on a feature I've written.

I'll take a giant step towards achieving that dream Friday night, when I participate in the annual LA Under the Stars film festival in the Silver Lake section of town:

Note I used the term "giant step," hardly a surprise for anyone who knows my work. That's because the "Stand Tall!" screenplay's central character takes plenty of them. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Colleen Cossitt, all 16-foot-1 1/8 of her:

Were Colleen a real person, not only would she violate numerous laws of physics but she'd draw plenty of attention at the El Cid on 4512 Sunset Boulevard...maybe too much attention. And could she maneuver her colossal frame around the venue, shown here in restaurant mode?

But our hypothetical Colleen wouldn't knock over tables if she didn't win; no, she's a gentle giant who wants to be loved and fears her condition makes that impossible. Friday, she and Keswick Fletcher, the six-foot scientist who accidentally tripled her stature and feels guilty although she now loves him, will face plenty of competition for Best Feature Screenplay:

So what are the selling points of "Stand Tall!"? Plenty of laughs, to be sure, but a sweet romance of a mismatched couple. They promise to protect each other (Colleen, now a beloved Vegas showroom headliner, must rescue Keswick after he's kidnaped by three mutual foes)...as well as a theme of accepting the differences in yourself, and in others. As the one-sheet's tagline says, "Why settle for normal?" (See the script at https://filmfreeway.com/projects/476988)

I and my screenwriting cohorts all could use a cheering section Friday (the event lasts from 6 to 10 p.m.). In addition to feature and short screenplay, these awards will be handed out:

I'll give out plenty of business cards, and verbally promote my other feature screenplay...

Want to go? Tickets and other information can be found at https://filmfreeway.com/launderthestars/tickets, or call 309-251-0749. We (the editorial "we," not Colleen, Keswick and myself) would enjoy seeing you there.
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