January 6th, 2020

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Lombard loves livestock, part 2 (equines, etc.)

Are the pictures in this entry the happiest ever taken of Carole Lombard? My Facebook friend Brian Lee Anderson believes so, and he has a good argument. They were taken on her small San Fernando Valley ranch in 1937, and the pics (such as Paramount p1202-1686, above) show Carole with her beloved Palomino gelding, Pico.

We've got quite a few more of this human-equine team to show. Below are p1202-1553, p1202-1575, p1202-1678, p1202-1554, p1202-1517 and p1202-1564:

The following have no p1202 numbers, but are nevertheless splendid portraits:

Carole not only had horses and cows, but fowl as well:

It's been a fun visit to Lombard and her little farm. Hope you enjoyed it.
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