December 7th, 2019

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Myrna on the cover, Carole (and Fieldsie) inside: Now that's 'Modern'

Over the years, several actresses played Carole Lombard's best friend (think Una Merkel in "True Confession"). In real life, that honor went to Madalynne Field, the statuesque former Mack Sennett comedy cohort who also became Lombard's personal secretary for several years. (She's shown above with Russ Columbo, Carole and John Barrymore at the "Twentieth Century" premiere in the spring of 1934.)

In June 1936, Modern Screen magazine profiled "Fieldsie" and her relationship with the star ( That issue now is foe sale at eBay. Myrna Loy, always stylish, is on the Earl Christy cover:

So what else is inside? The table of contents provides an answer:

Among the goodies is this ad for Clark Gable's latest blockbuster, "San Francisco":

We earlier mentioned Una Merkel. Here she is modeling fashions:

I've read that nutritionally, people don't need to eat traditional breakfast items (oatmeal, cereal, etc.) each morning. In this ad, Kellogg's argues in the other direction, suggesting working women enjoy corn flakes...for lunch:

Finally, a reminder we were decades away from the Surgeon General's report -- this back-cover ad for the "light smoke," Luckies:

The issue is in very good+ plus condition, and its asking price is $97.50 (though you can make an offer). Get all the information at
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