December 4th, 2019

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The answer is oats

I frequently check eBay's Carole Lombard files to see what new memorabilia is available. Yesterday, the above item came up...and while the seller knew it was of Carole, he or she drew a blank about its origins:

It is indeed either "a display from a store product," or a mail-order giveaway. And said product was...

...Quaker Oats, a favorite for generations (although today a majority of folks make it from microwave packets). Our seller wouldn't have known it from the stand-up, since its back side is blank, a tactic today's marketers wouldn't try:

And those Jean Harlow and Mae West stand-ups? Here's what they look like:

We've written about these stand-ups before, in 2012 ( and 2014 ( So if you want to say we know our oats, you'd be right. (Learn even more, with pictures of 32 stars portrayed in such a manner, at

The Lombard, Harlow and West stand-ups are being auctioned with a starting bid of $24.99; Carole's auction is slated to close at 9:41 p.m. (Eastern) Tuesday. Find out more (with links to Jean and Mae's items) at
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