November 23rd, 2019

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Isn't this suite? Dubai hotel salutes Carole, and Paramount

Carole Lombard's dressing room at the Paramount studios in Hollywood was exquisite, designed with all the comforts a star of the '30s could want. The royal treatment is echoed in a new, luxurious hotel in a place Lombard probably never heard of during her lifetime...

...Dubai, the city in the United Arab Emirates that sprouted out of seemingly nowhere. While it had been a significant Arab port of call for much of the 20th century, it was the discovery of oil in 1966 that transformed it into a global technology and business hub. It's now a cosmopolitan, international city whose skyline is rated in the world's top ten.

Hotels have blossomed all over Dubai, many with themes a la Las Vegas. One captures the spirit of classic Hollywood, one studio in particular...

...the 69-floor, 823-room Paramount Hotel Dubai, which "soft-opened" earlier this month. (It'll fully open in January.) The hotel is described in this manner:

"The glory of the golden age has rolled out its red carpet. This time, exclusively for you. Inspired by the rich history of Paramount Pictures, our hotel is set centre stage in the heart of Dubai's dynamic Business Bay district. With Hollywood-themed rooms, California-inspired cuisine and unequivocal entertainment, it's time to script your own story at the Paramount Hotel Dubai."

And as part of this story, ladies and gentlemen, meet...

...the Carole Suite. (And yes, it's named for Lombard.) Another room:

More about the suite, including what it contains:

One wonders what Lombard would think of all this, a tribute to her and her studio more than 80 years later and half a world away.

Of course, this isn't the only hotel suite with a Lombard tie-in. Here's one she actually stayed in:

The Gable & Lombard penthouse suite, where Clark and Carole consorted before their marriage.

For more about the Dubai hotel, which will have some "soft opening" specials the next few weeks, visit
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