November 12th, 2019

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A 'Confession': She's in jail

Carole Lombard's "True Confession" alter ego, Helen Bartlett, is in big trouble, which is why she's currently in jail, or at least the 1937 Paramount version of such (the cinderblocks and faucet give it away). However, her exasperated husband Kenneth Bartlett (Fred MacMurray), tired of his wife's constant fibbing, says he'll try to find a way for Helen to beat a murder charge.

That's the premise behind this publicity still for this comedy, Carole's Paramount swan song (that dress she has on was designed by Edith Head, the only outfit the multiple Oscar-winner would make for Lombard). The image is an original, too; as proof, here's the back of the photo:

See the approval stamp from Joe Breen's office? By the fall of '37, the Production Code had been seriously imposed for more than three years. Paramount wasn't going to send the industry's chief censor suggestive pics of Lombard in lingerie. That wasn't done anymore.

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