November 7th, 2019

carole lombard 04

An autograph, apparently the real deal

When it comes to Carole Lombard autographed items, whether on photos or as standalones, it's always good to enter with a dose of skepticism. So many charlatans are out there passing off phony material.

But I felt pretty confident about this one, and such optimism was confirmed by comments from Lombard and autograph expert Carole Sampeck. "But it's not in her trademark green [fountain-pen] ink!" some of you may think. Here's Sampeck's retort regarding this:

"NO, she did NOT always sign in green ink. Have got blue ink (on some notes and letters) and black on a few contracts."

She also called it a "Great clear signature -- excellent contrast."

As might be expected, this item will cost you a bit -- $1,200, though you can make an offer. Go to to find out more.
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