August 21st, 2019

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Lounging in glamour, classic Hollywood style

A few months back, the Huffington Post website issued an entry showing Carole Lombard and other stars in loungewear and such that in its words, "made tasks as mundane as ironing or talking on the phone look glamorous." Or, as in the image above, standing atop a box transformed into a goddess-like platform to show the full length of this nightgown. (This pic is said to be from 1932, which seems about right.)

So today, I thought I'd show several other pics they selected in a list which Lombard kicked off ( The two others in my personal "holy trinity" of classic-era actresses also made the list, Myrna Loy...

...and Barbara Stanwyck:

(Loy, photographed by George Hurrell, is shown in 1935; Stany's image is from 1942.)

More vintage glamour. First, Ginger Rogers, who as late as 1954 could show off a shapely leg:

Loretta Young, from 1940, enlivens this striped robe:

In "The Palm Beach Story," Claudette Colbert brought glamour to pajamas. (Tell the Ale & Quail Club we said hello.)

Ann Sheridan added oomph to this bathrobe (sorry for using that term, Annie):

Ava Gardner irons her pajamas in 1950 while sparkling in a robe:

Fellow MGM contract player Esther Williams showed she's just as alluring out of the pool:

And Lauren Bacall wants Ginger to know she's not the only one who can look leggy in loungewear:

Finally, the two lead icons of 1950s beauty. First, Marilyn Monroe, taken in the midtown Manhattan house used for "The Seven-Year Itch":

As one might expect, Audrey Hepburn's style is more demure, in this still from 1955:

In other words, save the sweatpants for your next jog outside. Emphasize glamour indoors.
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