July 31st, 2019

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Get ready for SUTS, the 2019 version

That's how Turner Classic Movies promoted Carole Lombard when she was part of its Summer Under The Stars lineup for 2011; she's appeared in SUTS, its annual August celebration of classic Hollywood, two other times, in 2006 and 2014. Perhaps she'll return in a year or two (it would help if TCM acquired rights to premiere a few of her films on the channel, such as "They Knew What They Wanted").

In the meantime, this year's lineup is per usual for the on-air festival, a nice blend of the obvious and the obscure (if any performer who accumulates 24 hours' worth of films can be deemed "obscure"). The schedule -- first-time SUTS honorees shown with an asterisk:

August 1 - Henry Fonda
August 2 - Ruth Hussey*
August 3 - Marlon Brando
August 4 - Shirley Temple*
August 5 - Melvyn Douglas*
August 6 - Lena Horne
August 7 - James Stewart
August 8 - Ava Gardner
August 9 - Red Skelton
August 10 - Rita Moreno*
August 11 - Humphrey Bogart
August 12 - Ann Sothern
August 13 - Brian Donlevy*
August 14 - Liv Ullmann*
August 15 - Rod Steiger*
August 16 - Irene Dunne
August 17 - Errol Flynn
August 18 - Audrey Hepburn
August 19 - Buster Keaton
August 20 - Dorothy McGuire*
August 21 - Joel McCrea
August 22 - Leila Hyams*
August 23 - Fred Astaire
August 24 - Shirley MacLaine
August 25 - Dustin Hoffman*
August 26 - Mary Astor
August 27 - Walter Brennan*
August 28 - June Allyson
August 29 - Paul Lukas*
August 30 - Susan Hayward
August 31 - Kirk Douglas

A pictorial roster:

Twelve newcomers to SUTS, including Shirley Temple (perhaps Disney's purchase of the 20th Century-Fox library made many of these titles available) and Dustin Hoffman (until now, probably deemed too "recent" for SUTS honors; might this lead to Goldie Hawn getting a nod in 2020?). McCrea, Hyams, Astor and Lukas provide plenty for pre-Code fans, while Keaton's silent artistry provides a great way for me to celebrate my birthday.

Find the complete schedule -- which includes recent documentaries on Gardner and Keaton that are new to TCM -- at http://summer.tcm.com/, while some worthwhile recommendations are at https://aurorasginjoint.com/2019/07/28/tcms-summer-under-the-stars-2019-picks-and-pics/.

Enjoy what I call the high holy days of the TCM calendar.
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