July 29th, 2019

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'New' p1202s worth a look

Huh? What are "p1202s," you ask? As many Carole Lombard fans know, p1202 was the "player number" she was assigned by Paramount after she signed a contract with the studio in 1930, used for publicity stills not necessarily associated with Paramount films she was making. Above, the one that started it all -- p1202-1, taken in New York (probably at Paramount's Astoria studio in Queens) while she was filming "Fast And Loose."

About 1,800 of these Lombard shots were issued between 1930 and 1938, when she officially left the studio. Because of cropping and other alterations, the p1202 numbers on many of these have been lost, unknown or can't be ascertained.

Fortunately, thanks to collectors, three more examples of p1202s have been uncovered. And here they are. The first two probably are from 1935. We begin with p1202-1149...

...followed by p1202-1157:

We advance to 1937 for the finale, p1202-1631:

Always good to add to this online collection, as we see Lombard evolve in fashion, personality and more.

In addition, we're thrilled to learn of a second printing for an essential volume for anyone interested in classic.Hollywood portraiture, written by a Facebook friend who worked for the man. And look who's on the cover!

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