July 24th, 2019

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'Hollywood,' August 1936: Getting ready for 'Godfrey'

"My Man Godfrey," the landmark screwball comedy that reunited Carole Lombard with ex-husband William Powell, premiered on Sept. 6, 1936; this ad ran in the September 1936 issue of Hollywood magazine. But in the previous month's issue -- which hit newsstands early in July -- Universal's push for the film had begun. Look at this glowing review from "Top Hat":

Truth, Top Hat, truth. But the August '36 issue had other Lombard-related stuff, too:

Here's what that "pictorial biography" looked like:

Additionally, Lombard was among those mentioned in that month's mailbag:

Bette Davis was the cover subject:

There's an ad for Jean Harlow's new film:

And on the back cover, a full-color cigarette ad:

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