June 26th, 2019

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An Atlanta advancement

Carole Lombard was a peripheral figure when "Gone With The Wind" made its world premiere in Atlanta in December 1939. But as wife of star Clark Gable and as someone with a keen sense of the film industry, she understood the importance of this epic.

Nearly eight decades later, Atlanta is playing a key role in my personal cinematic history -- not as an actor, but as a screenwriter. That's because of news I received last night from the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, where a screenplay of mine was earlier named an official selection.

Now that screenplay, "Stand Tall!", has climbed another mountain:

As one might guess, I'm thrilled. (And if by now some of you are tired of my script hyping, I apologize.)

This version of "Stand Tall!" has some differences from its predecessors, including the one that was submitted to the recent Rom Com Fest but not selected for a table read. Upon advice from script readers, I made the story more family-friendly -- this time, heroine Colleen Cossitt wants to join a showgirl troupe, not undergo a breast enhancement in order to moonlight at a gentlemen's club -- and the comedy is ramped up with the addition of enlarged pets and far more physical humor. I believe this is the most marketable version of my tall tale yet.

(Meanwhile, my other screenplay, the comic thriller "Fugitive Sweetheart," is under consideration for foreign-language film rights, although such a version set outside the U.S. would by its very nature be considerably changed.)

Find out more on the festival, set for July 19-21, at https://info.filmfestivalcircuit.com/atlanta-comedy-film-festival. To view the most recent iteration of "Stand Tall!", go to https://filmfreeway.com/projects/476988. The 16-foot-1 1/8 Colleen Cossitt and her six-foot scientist boyfriend Keswick Fletcher eagerly await your visit.
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