June 17th, 2019

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Of Carole, Clark and Coke

For the second straight day we have an entry on Carole Lombard and liquids, this time of the non-alcoholic variety.

While doing research for yesterday's entry on "The Profane Angel" beer created by a Fort Wayne microbrewery (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/1007370.html), I came across a photo I'd never seen before:

I'm guessing it's from the wrap party of "No Man Of Her Own," Carole's only cinematic collaboration with Clark Gable. (They of course would have an entirely different collaboration later that decade.) The back of the pic contains this information:

A date is listed -- Dec. 6, 1932 -- along with director Wesley Ruggles and other key members of the crew. The image, apparently at one time on eBay, was on a site where additional info was provided:

The photo isn't up for auction now, at least not at eBay. It was from the collection of Roy Roberts, a Paramount gaffer for more than 30 years. Note the caption refers to Lombard's love for Coca-Cola.

This likely was issued by the studio for press use...but it also makes one wonder whether Coke used it in advertising? I've never seen this before, but the Atlanta soft drink giant frequently employed Hollywood stars to promote the product. Witness these ads from the period. Jean Harlow and Lupe Velez each hawk the soda:

Moreover, pictures of Coca-Cola consumed on the set, similar to the "No Man Of Her Own" shot, were used in ads -- see 1933's "Dinner At Eight"...

...and 1934's "The Merry Widow":

The Lubitsch touch, quintessentially continental, and the uniquely American Coca-Cola...now that's a combination.
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