June 16th, 2019

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A Lombard-inspired beer? One actually exists (just not right now)

Carole Lombard enjoys a drink at Agua Caliente in Mexico in early 1933 with then-husband William Powell, fellow actor Ernest Truex and his wife. (Prohibition still existed throughout the U.S., although repeal would come before year's end.) Somewhere, Lombard might be pleasantly surprised to learn that more than eight and a half decades later, a beer has been named after her.

It appropriately hails from her hometown of Fort Wayne, Ind., and the brew has her nickname, "Profane Angel."

It was created by a local purveyor of craft beers, Trubble Brewing:

"Craft beer brewers, food rebels & trouble-makers." Sounds like Lombard's kind of place, all right.

How did this beer come about? Trubble Brewing's owners explain:

The beer, a dark lager that's apparently lighter than it looks, has received a 3.6 rating (on a five-star scale) by reviewers at https://untappd.com. One called it "Smooth, with hardly any bitterness"; another described it as "Dry, spiced. The spiced notes stay with ya awhile. Bit smoky."

So you want to race to Fort Wayne (the brewery's at 2725 Broadway and its website is https://www.trubblebrewing.com) and try it out? Hold your horses. According to head brewer and owner Chadwick Hankee, "We currently don't have it on tap. We will brew it again in upcoming months. It was received pretty well with our patron beer drinkers."

That's good to know, and we'll alert you to when it returns. In the meantime, whet your appetite and learn more about the beer from this news segment, aired last October at WPTA-21, the ABC affiliate in Fort Wayne: https://www.facebook.com/WPTA21/videos/vb.372885204939/237889317082296/?type=2&theater
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