May 27th, 2019

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Lombard's luminosity in perfect Harmony, part 4 (with fellow film femmes)

Today, we conclude our four-day salute to artwork of Carole Lombard made by the talented Sanniya Harmony. This time, Sanniya helps Carole accomplish something she never did on-screen -- team up with a fellow female film legend.

For example, she certainly knew Olivia de Havilland from both her brief stint at Warners and when Olivia (now 102) appeared in "Gone With The Wind" with Clark Gable:

That above pic also features Marilyn Monroe, whom you'll see a lot of in this entry.

Two more Lombard contemporaries are photo subjects -- Loretta Young (again with Monroe)...

...and Rita Hayworth (alongside fellow '40s goddess Ava Gardner):

The other six pics team Lombard with Monroe. While Marilyn more often cited fellow blonde icon Jean Harlow as an influence, she surely respected Carole's work. So it makes sense to pair them. We'll kick off this segment with a fetching swimsuit portrait:

And on this Memorial Day, please remember those in the military who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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