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May 1st, 2019

carole lombard 03

'Stand Tall!' for a 'Fugitive Sweetheart' -- and help me, too

Posted by vp19 on 2019.05.01 at 21:03
Current mood: creativecreative

As Maria Tura in "To Be Or Not To Be," Carole Lombard typed a message to save her acting troupe and her fellow Poles in the underground from the Nazis. Now, it's time to rescue Keswick Fletcher and Eloise Kellogg (aka Susan Birch)

Who are they? First, Keswick is a scientist who's been kidnapped, and the woman who loves him, Colleen Cossitt, has vowed to save him -- no matter if his laboratory accident made her more than 16 feet tall. Colleen is the supersized heroine of "Stand Tall!", my romantic comedy spin on "giant woman" movies.

Eloise/Susan is a different story. Eloise helped convict her ex-husband when she learned he actually was a Russian mobster -- her "reward" was a new identity in a witness protection program. But her ex has discovered she isn't dead after all, just Susan. He tracks her down and old classmate/current cohort Duane Llewellyn and colleagues must save the day in the rom-com thriller "Fugitive Sweetheart."

"Stand Tall!" and "Fugitive Sweetheart" are my entries in the screenwriting competition of the Rom Com Fest, slated for next month in Los Angeles.

The grand prize for screenwriters? Getting a live table read of your screenplay. I have two entries among the 71 in the field; 10 of them will advance to the next round, where a group of judges will choose the winner.

Here's the lowdown from Miraya Berke of Rom Com Fest:

From May 1 to May 17, share the link to your screenplay and get your fans to upvote your work! They can do this by reading your screenplay and then favoriting it. To favorite your script, they would have to create a free Scriptd account [at https://www.scriptd.com] and click the star icon for your script. (You're under no further obligation once you set up the account.)

In case you need the links to the scripts, plus the first nine pages of each, they are:

Stand Tall! -- https://www.scriptd.com/#/script/5ca1b9d05aae5e0004899e51
Fugitive Sweetheart -- https://www.scriptd.com/#/script/5cba3c052e261500042cabd8

The full versions can be found at https://filmfreeway.com/projects/476988 for "Stand Tall!" and https://filmfreeway.com/projects/1539874 for "Fugitive Sweetheart." But remember, unless you get a Scriptd account, you can't vote.

So please help me out, and spread the word on behalf of Colleen, Keswick, Duane and Eloise (or Susan).

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