March 31st, 2019

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Stamp-ing a card to boost the campaign

Believe it or not, some years ago, these Carole Lombard postage stamps were actually issued.

In Australia.

A nice honor (though to be fair, I don't know how Australia selects postage stamp subjects), but it's one Carole has yet to receive from her home country. We Americans can change that.

As we've previously noted, there's now a campaign to make Lombard the latest Hollywood legend to be featured on a stamp. And I'm doing my part to promote it by reviving an old concept of mine -- the "Carole & Co." business card.

That was an earlier version of the card (no new entries have been listed on Wordpress for several years, BTW), so I've updated it...on the flip side of a card promoting Lombard as postage stamp subject, with information on how to do it. Here it is:

The other side explains Carole & Co., accompanied by an attractive full-color image of her:

I just learned the cards have been shipped and hope to receive them soon. As you can tell, I'm thrilled. Hope this spreads the word about both a Lombard stamp -- something she clearly deserves -- and the site. (Oh, and mail those letters of support.)

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