March 23rd, 2019

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For a Bennett blogathon, preparing to turn on the 'Power'

I've signed up for yet another blogathon, one for an actress who was part of a fabled acting family. She made one film with Carole Lombard, a little-remembered silent comedy early in their careers where both had bit parts (that's Carole above from the movie).

The actress who's the blogathon subject? She's a Bennett, but no, not that one...

It's Joan Bennett, a star in her own right, especially in film noir and television (she was part of the supernatural daytime drama "Dark Shadows"). The host of this blogathon is my longtime Australian Facebook friend, Crystal Kalyana Pacey ( and her site "In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood."

The film she made with Carole? One of her first, for Pathe in 1928...

As you can tell, Bill Boyd is top-billed. Here are some stills of him from the film:

So where's Joan? She was 18 when "Power" was made, and a blonde, though rather pallid compared to big sister Constance:

I'm not 100 percent sure, but I believe the younger Bennett is pictured here, second from bottom, left-hand column:

Never seen "Power"? Don't worry; neither have I. But I'm rectifying that, today ordering a DVD of the movie, apparently the last one available from the seller. (Should that change, I will of course let you know.) In the meantime, here's a snippet from "Power," showing Boyd and third-billed Jacqueline Logan:

Learn more about the blogathon at

(P.S. This marks the 3,800th entry to Carole & Co. aince its debut in June 2007.)
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