March 22nd, 2019

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The Lombard stamp campaign is on!

Facebook friend and fellow Carole Lombard fan Brian Lee Anderson announced today the 2019 U.S. postage stamp nomination for her has officially been submitted to an advisory committee for review and final approval.

Each of us can participate in the campaign. Send letters to:

Here's a sample letter, one Anderson himself sent:

Perhaps you have an angle or two you want to emphasize -- Carole as the queen of screwball comedy...

...her status as one of Hollywood's most beloved personalities...

...her work to aid America at the darkest time in its history:

No matter which angle you choose, please be positive. We're working on behalf of Carole Lombard, and she would want any campaign to be constructive. A stamp will honor Lombard's brief, but iconic life; let's hope we see it soon.
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