March 21st, 2019

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A 'little' more on Monroe from Morgan

One of my favorite Carole Lombard books, "Carole Lombard: Twentieth-Century Star," was authored by British Facebook friend Michelle Morgan.

(Full disclosure: I aided Morgan in her research, and am one of two people the book is dedicated to.) Now she's back with a volume on a favorite subject of hers...

Morgan has built a reputation for integrity when it comes to Marilyn Monroe, and that's not always the case for the star's biographers. Many focus more on Marilyn as icon or legend than on Monroe the person (which she indeed was). Covers of several of Morgan's prior MM works reveal a far more human angle:

Like Lombard, Monroe inspires millions of women both for a style that transcends generations (Carole the 1930s, Marilyn the '50s) and for how her actions and approach to life resonate today. This guide to glamour is meant for Marilyn's legions of fans. According to promotional copy, "Thr Little Book Of Marilyn" includes:

* Tutorials on recreating the star's makeup looks
* Style advice and tips on where to find Marilyn-like fashions
* Decor ideas from Marilyn's own homes
* Everyday inspiration from her life that will let your inner Marilyn shine, and more

The first two cited might be important if you want to pose as a motionless Marilyn in front of the Hollywood/Highland Metrorail station, but all these are ways to capture Monroe's essence, come to terms with what the lady was truly all about.

The UK version will be out soon; it won't appear in the U.S. until July 9. Pre-order at This promises to be plenty of fun.
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