March 5th, 2019

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A Swede-looking cover

Carole Lombard's "I Take This Woman" wouldn't premiere in Sweden until Jan. 2, 1932, but eight months earlier she already was known there. For proof, check out the cover of this Swedish magazine from April 19, 1931 -- a stunning image of Lombard I've never seen anywhere:

The illustrated publication, Hvar 8 dag (Where 8 Day), had been around since 1899 but was in its declining years and would cease publishing in 1933.

This particular issue contains 44 pages, is complete and is in good condition, despite some aging; it's 8.5" x 11". While no other pages were printed, I understand the issue features cinema, stage and other information.

Bidding opens at $8.99, with the auction closing at 2:26 p.m. (Eastern) Monday. Want to bid or learn more? Go to
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