March 4th, 2019

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Riskin-Wray: A blogathon past and a Film Forum future

Carole Lombard and Robert Riskin, a Hollywood couple that almost was, are shown at an event with a Hollywood couple that became legendary -- Irving Thalberg, left, next to wife Norma Shearer. Years later, screenwriter Riskin married a renowned actress, Fay Wray:

We've been discussing Riskin and Wray a lot lately, including a weekend blogathon honoring the couple over the weekend ( Their daughter, Victoria Riskin, recently wrote a book about her illustrious parents...

...and it's time you examined the blogathon in full. Day one is at, while day two can be found at There's plenty of good reading from many classic Hollywood blogs.

And if you're in New York this month, there'll be plenty of good viewing of Riskin and Wray at one of Manhattan's top repertory theaters.

Like Lombard and Clark Gable, the couple worked together but once -- on the 1933 drama "Ann Carver's Profession." But each made many memorable films, and they'll be shown from March 15 to April 2.

Lombard fans, take note: "Virtue" (1932), written by Riskin, will be shown March 27, in a 35mm print (hear that, Quentin Tarantino?). It will run three times as part of a double bill with "Viva Villa!" (1934), where Wray is the love object of Wallace Beery's Pancho Villa, also in 35mm.

Each of the couple's most iconic films, both crowd-pleasers, will be shown numerous times.

On March 16, "King Kong" and "It Happened One Night" will run for a single admission -- and Victoria Riskin will be on hand to introduce the 1:40 showing of "Kong" and the 3:40 airing of "IHON."

"Kong" will run at 11 a.m. March 23 and 24 as part of the "Film Forum Jr." program; on the 24th, kids 12 and younger can participate in a "scream-alike" contest. (Wray was a Film Forum member until her death at age 97 in 2004.) General audiences can catch "Kong" encores from March 23 to 25. with Fay's 1932 screamer "The Most Dangerous Game" on the first and third of those days. As for "IHON," its encore will be on April 1, no fooling.

The session opens March 15 with "The Wedding March," featuring a post-film Q & A with Victoria Riskin.

See the entire schedule and order tickets at Fay, Robert and Victoria all thank you.
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