January 21st, 2019

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Yet another blogathon, this for Riskin and Wray

I've been contributing Carole Lombard-related entries to several blogathons recently, including one of Eugene Pallette last month for the "What A Character!" blogathon and one last week on Lombard's activities in 1938 for a blogathon dedicated to Hollywood happenings that year. Now, time for another.

The pic above, showing Carole with one-time beau Robert Riskin, reveals one of the subjects. A photo from Motion Picture in August 1931 shows the second:

It's famed actress Fay Wray, who I'd forgotten had posed with Lombard until discovering an entry I'd written in 2014 showing them in this Paramount group picture. How well did they know each other? Frankly, I'm not sure, nor am I aware if they ever vied for roles (they never made a film together).

Like Lombard, Wray admired writers and married Riskin -- one of the best in the industry -- in the '40s. So they're a joint subject for a blogathon slated for early March:

The event is in conjunction with a book written about the couple by their daughter Victoria Riskin, set for release next month:

When I learned about the blogathon, co-hosted by Classic Movie Hub (http://www.classicmoviehub.com/) and Once Upon A Screen (https://aurorasginjoint.com/), I said, er, wrote, "Count me in!" And so I shall participate.

For the Riskin angle, I'll examine this 1932 pre-Code for which Robert wrote the screenplay:

The Wray angle? I chose a film where she isn't a scream queen; in fact, you don't hear her at all. That's because it's a silent, the exquisite 1928 Erich Von Stroheim production "The Wedding March."

I think you can tell I'm looking forward to the blogathon.
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