January 3rd, 2019

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A new photo, tres cheek

This Carole Lombard photo looked new to me when I first saw it -- and when I found it had a Paramount p1202 number (1345) and that it didn't match anything in my Lombard collection, my thoughts were happily concerned.

Alas, all I know about it is that number and an estimated date when it was issued (1936?). I had no idea who took it (I've since learned from Mark Alan Vieira it was taken by George Hurrell in '36) or what it's supposed to represent. But what's important is that it's one more p1202 of Carole we've uncovered.

Even better, the price is reasonable ($4 via eBay's "buy it now" policy). The comments from the seller -- "All photos are professional lab quality on heavy duty glossy paper ... We use the best materials to make sure they will last for years" -- indicate this is not a vintage original, something Vieira has confirmed.

Want it? Go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Caressing-The-Cheek-8x10-Glossy-Photo-Print/254052198110?hash=item3b26b0e6de:g:lkMAAOSwkQhcLpNC:rk:5:pf:0, pronto.
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