December 26th, 2018

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'Silver Screen,' June 1935: A star and his horse

Carole Lombard and Clark Gable enjoyed going to the races, and this day after Christmas marks the traditional southern California opening day for the picturesque Santa Anita thoroughbred track.

Carole and Clark loved horses...

...but did you know Gable once owned a racing thoroughbred? The filly was named Beverly Hills, and her tale was told in the June 1935 issue of Silver Screen:

This was part of a two-page story on gambling in Tinseltown titled "Gamblers All":

As you can tell, this horse neither lived up to her owner's silver screen success or her upscale name.

Lombard wasn't part of that story, but graced other parts of the issue, whose cover subject, Miriam Hopkins, starred that month in the first feature issued in three-strip Technicolor, "Becky Sharp":

Columnist and close friend Elizabeth Wilson ("Liza") described one of Carole's famed parties at her Hollywood Boulevard home (apologies for the southern-born writer's patronizing reference to black people), and we also get a tidbit on Claudette Colbert's homecoming (in San Diego):

Wilson wrote a story in the issue about wonderchild Shirley Temple's education, and opened it with this sample of Lombard wit:

And to anyone who doubts the affection between Lombard and screenwriter Robert Riskin (who didn't win her hand, but later succeeded with another fine actress, Fay Wray), Carole and Bob are mentioned twice in a piece on Hollywood nightlife -- once for the now-forgotten King's Club...

...and for the still-legendary Brown Derby:

Lombard, Wray, Glenda Farrell -- Riskin loved the ladies, and vice versa.

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