December 4th, 2018

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'Godfrey' to go public in Oklahoma

Among the more popular sites to watch Carole Lombard movies, such as "Twentieth Century" (above), is public television. Local non-commercial channels -- whether or not they are affiliated with the Public Broadcasting System -- regularly run classic Hollywood films, frequently on Saturday night. Stations such as WNET-13 in New York, WHYY-12 in Philadelphia and WETA-26 in Washington have made such fare a tradition.

But large coastal metropolises aren't the only places where classic Hollywood and public TV unite; such fare also is popular in "flyover country." Consider Oklahoma, for instance.

For three decades, has run a series called the "OETA Movie Club," where Golden Age films air to introduce longtime film buffs and newcomers alike to the joys of classic Hollywood. And guess what it's airing Dec. 29?

"My Man Godfrey," arguably the greatest screwball comedy ever made, where the Depression meets Fifth Avenue and all sorts of comic conflicts ensue. Many of you have seen and love "Godfrey," but there's always something new to come across with each viewing; it's that good.

So whether you're in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Tallequah, Muskogee or Lawton, you can enjoy classic movies on your TV each Saturday evening.

More on this can be found at Enjoy, Oklahomans.
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