November 1st, 2018

carole lombard 04
  • vp19

'Screwball' redux, now available

Forty-three years ago, the Carole Lombard biography "Screwball" by Larry Swindell was released. It's a solid read, one that can be found today in many libraries, or you can buy it online, often for triple-digit prices.

But you do have an alternative. In 2016, "Screwball" was re-issued with this new cover:

I've never seen the new version, but from what I gather, there is no new material in the re-issue. But you can find it for a bargain price.

It's up for auction at eBay. Bidding begins at $4.99, with bids ending at 4:36 a.m. (Eastern) next Thursday. Or you can buy it outright for $9.99. Bid, buy or simply learn more by visiting