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October 5th, 2018

carole lombard 05

A sucker for these Lombard pix

Posted by vp19 on 2018.10.05 at 13:33
Current mood: cheerfulcheerful

That's a very stunning Carole Lombard photo, dated from 1939, early in her tenure at RKO. We know its source because of the description on the back:

The same seller, from Australia, has this pic of Carole enjoying a lollipop while taking a break from work:

This looks to be from late 1940 for several reasons: First, the magazine she's reading has a reference to "The Howards Of Virginia," which is from that time and is often regarded as one of Cary Grant's worst films. Second, we have a snipe on its back:

It's from RKO (that unusual typeface gives it away), and it refers to "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," her last film for the studio.

The "sucker" pic measures 9" x 7.5" and is being sold for $180 AU (that's $127.61 in U.S. currency). To purchase it, go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Lolly-Pop-1930s-Original/192678560868?hash=item2cdc898464:g:jhkAAOSwUQ5btW-r.

As for the top photo, it's said to be in excellent condition, measuring 9.5" x 7". You can buy it for $295 AU ($209.14 US). Purchase or learn more at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-photo-1938-Original/192678553618?hash=item2cdc896812:g:~VkAAOSw~ZFbtWq4.

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