July 1st, 2017

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A month from now, get 'Under the Stars'

Six years ago, that's how Turner Classic Movies in the U.S. promoted Carole Lombard's day in its Summer Under the Stars schedule. She's not in the rotation this year (Lombard last appeared in 2014), but here's who is:

1 Marilyn Monroe
2 Ray Milland
3 Lon Chaney Sr.
4 Claire Trevor (TCM Backlot members pick)
5 Gene Kelly
6 Robert Mitchum
7 Eleanor Parker
8 Franchot Tone
9 Sandra Dee
10 Sidney Poitier
11 Ginger Rogers
12 John Wayne
13 Barbara Stanwyck
14 Vanessa Redgrave
15 Ricardo Montalban
16 Elvis Presley
17 Rosalind Russell
18 Rod Taylor
19 Angela Lansbury
20 Cary Grant (TCM Backlot members pick)
21 Ann Harding
22 Glenn Ford
23 Greer Garson
24 Dennis Morgan
25 Simone Signoret
26 James Cagney
27 Leslie Caron
28 Slim Pickens
29 Marion Davies
30 George Sanders
31 Elizabeth Taylor

Trevor beat out Virginia Mayo, while Grant topped Gregory Peck (Cary's lone starring vehicle with Carole, the 1939 drama "In Name Only," will air at 8:15 a.m. EDT on Aug. 20).

As usual, a charming blend of mainstays and first-timers, several stars still with us (Poitier, Lansbury, Caron) and some silent-era stars (Chaney and Davies). It promises to be a fun month, as SUTS traditionally is on the channel.
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