August 19th, 2016

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They say it's my birthday...

As of a few minutes ago, I turned 61. I find that hard to believe.

Not because I've lived the type of life that would make reaching that milestone an improbability; I'm hardly the daredevil sort. And I can't claim to be in the usual condition to celebrate, not what with all that's gone on during 2016. Still, I roll with the punches and hope for a happy ending.

As Rare Earth (a white Motown rock band, kiddies) once sang, I just want to celebrate another day of living. At this stage, that's sufficient satisfaction for me. Many of you already have sent online regards, to which I say thank you. Keep your fingers crossed that this year will end on a high note. I like to think somewhere, Carole Lonbard is rooting for me.
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It was a most unusual day

it was a birthday I'll never forget...though Lord knows I'll try to.

It was late morning, and I was in an office talking to a counselor. The next thing I know, I'm in an ambulance, headed to Glendale. (And while I wouldn't mind that city's Forest Lawn becoming my permanent home, assuming I can afford it, I'm not planning to finish my life there.)

For much of the afternoon, I was at Glendale Memorial Hospital with low blood sugar. I was given a good, hearty lunch that brought me back to a steady level. Following a few hours' observation, I was released. Had a birthday cup of Earl Grey at my favorite Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, above the Wilshire/Vermont Metrorail station, then went back to my abode.

A lesson learned, to be more careful.

It's funny. Early in the day, I answered a Craigslist ad for a comedy screenwriters lab that meets in Sherman Oaks each Tuesday night. I'll be there next week, with hopes of making a good impression. Learn more about it at
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