January 9th, 2016

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For now, say goodbye to Hollywood

It pains me to write this entry, since for now this probably is the last one I'll write from Los Angeles, the city Carole Lombard called home for most of her much too brief life. A perfect storm of problems -- financial and otherwise -- as well as an inability to find work are leading me to pull up stakes.

My next stop: Jacksonville, Fla., a city I've never visited but my brother loves. I'll be staying with him for a while as I try to get my life back together...with hopes I can return to Los Angeles, a place I've come to love, in the near future.

It breaks my heart to leave LA; I've made more than a few friends there during my nearly two years in town. To those of you, please keep in touch (and if any of you come across work I might be suited for, please let me know). I'll continue to hone my screenwriting skills, and perhaps one of these scripts might be my ticket back. I surely hope so.

So to LA, my warmest regards. I'll miss the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, riding the Metro, chiliburgers from Tommy's, pancakes from Du-par's at Farmers Market and so many other things.

Here's hoping this winter's El Nino somehow both alleviates the drought and causes minimal damage, that the many homeless I see around town find shelter, safety and comfort...and that next week, NFL owners decide on at least one franchise for Los Angeles, maybe two.

Thank you, City of Angels. I love you.

P.S. And don't worry -- this is not the end of Carole & Co., though you may not see quite as many entries here as in the past. I'll continue to keep up with Lombard, classic Hollywood and everything that goes with them. I owe it to you all, since your support and encouragement has kept this site going for more than 8 1/2 years.
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