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Carole, and Cooper(s)

I have a friendly rivalry with Carla over at http://CaroleLombard.org, which is a wonderful site you should frequent regularly. But in all honesty, I think our sites complement each other, as she approaches Lombard in a slightly different manner than I do. So I hope she won't mind if I highlight a few pictures that have recently entered her vast "Carole Lombard Photo Archive."

And to give further credit where credit is due, these photos were supplied to her by a certain Kendra, one of the many contributors I salute there for a job well done. I'm showing them here to give them a little extra recognition.

First, we'll start with a theme of several Paramount photographs about 1933 or so -- the nautical Carole. We see her on a boat -- sometimes in long sailor's pants, othertimes in shorts, the better to show off those lovely Lombard legs. We see those glamorous gams in the following photo, but look at the special guest star beside her. It's none other than Gary Cooper, who didn't grow up around much saltwater in Helena, Mont. Ahoy!

Here's another pic of Carole and Gary, but this time they're joined by two others. One is the debonair Leslie Howard, who like Lombard would ultimately be an aerial casualty of World War II. The other is a dog on whom Carole concentrates her attention:

Finally, here she is with Cooper again...Jackie Cooper, that is. She's giving him a little help as he races down a street of the Paramount lot against Groucho and Harpo Marx (so this likely was taken no later than 1933, when the Marxes made their last film at Paramount, the classic "Duck Soup"). I've seen film footage of this, probably on one of the "Paramount On Parade" short subjects, but this is the first still I've ever seen of the event.

Thanks, Carla...thanks, Kendra...and thanks, Carole, the Coopers and company.

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