December 21st, 2014

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Get in the picture with these movie stills

carole lombard true confession 62b front

Carole Lombard is cross-examined by husband Fred MacMurray in a scene from 1937's "True Confession," Carole's final film for Paramount. It's a vintage original still from production, as the image has crop marks...

carole lombard true confession 62a front

...from the relatively obscure Movie Story fan magazine (I presume this ran on page 24 of the January 1938 issue):

carole lombard true confession 62a back

This is among 20 original stills from Lombard movies up for bid from mangiamo, an eBay seller who specializes in Lombardiana (my term for Carole memorabilia). I met this seller (a husband-and-wife team) over the Labor Day weekend at Cinecon 50, and simply put, they know their Lombard. All have initial bids ranging from $4 to $12 (the vast majority open at $5 or $6), with the auction closing between 11 a.m. and noon (Eastern) next Sunday.

Among the other goodies are these: Carole with Ralph Bellamy in "Hands Across The Table"...

carole lombard hands across the table 51a front
carole lombard hands across the table 51a back

...Lombard appearing a bit miffed (OK, she might have used somewhat stronger language to describe that look) in "Sinners In The Sun"...

carole lombard sinners in the sun 46a front
carole lombard sinners in the sun 46a back

...and Carole dancing with the dashing Cesar Romero in "Love Before Breakfast":

carole lombard love before breakfast 28b

View, and possibly bid on the stills at, which also features a 1936 Photoplay with a James Montgomery Flagg illustration of Carole on the cover, and an assortment of 17 Lombard postcards.

We're briefly taking a break from Paramount p1202 portraits as Lombard LiveJournal headers to wish holiday cheer via this leggy image of Carole, holding gifts beneath the Christmas tree, for Mack Sennett in 1927.
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