December 13th, 2014

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A pair of paper 'Vigils'

carole lombard vigil in the night 15a

"Vigil In The Night" may not be among the easiest of Carole Lombard's films to watch, but it's surely among her most intense. This 1940 tale of nursing was too downbeat for Carole's core audience, yet it shows her dramatic skill in a way few of her movies do. Now, two large vintage ads for that film are available on eBay.

First, from the Feb. 14, 1940 Richmond Times-Dispatch:

carole lombard vigil in the night 021440aa richmond times-dispatch

Then, two weeks later on Feb. 28, the Hearst-owned San Francisco Examiner ran an ad that takes a somewhat different approach:

carole lombard vigil in the night 022840a san francisco examiner

Each of these can be bought for $1.49 straight up, or you can bid on each beginning at 99 cents. Interested? Then go to for the Richmond ad, or for the one from San Francisco.
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