September 12th, 2014

carole lombard 05
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Keepin' calm with Lombard love

carole lombard 1929

Above is one of my favorite Carole Lombard photos, showing her beauty, sex appeal and zest for life all at the same time. So when I received a sign on Facebook reading "Keep calm and watch old movies"...

keep calm and watch old movies 01

...then discovered a site called "Keep-Calm-O-Matic" (, which allows people to create their versions of the "Keep calm and..." messages found on everything from T-shirts to cyberspace, I figured there should be something celebrating Carole. So I used the site, took the photo at the top, and voila:

carole lombard keep calm 00a

If you're a Facebook friend of mine, you received that today. But I also decided to do two more samples of Lombard love -- this in a sultry sepia shade...

carole lombard keep calm 02a

...and this, showing Carole in color:

carole lombard keep calm 01c

There are yours to copy and paste, as this site continues to spread the Lombard love throughout the Internet.
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