June 9th, 2014

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At last, we can confess about that dress

carole lombard true confession 19b

We have finally learned which of Carole Lombard's dresses from "True Confession" is being featured at the just-opened exhibit "Designing Woman: Edith Head at Paramount, 1924-1967" at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/699504.html). It's the one above, which Carole's character, Helen Bartlett, wears when she takes a job as a secretary...which turns out to be a pivotal moment in that 1937 comedy, Lombard's last for the studio.

We have proof from longtime Carole & Co. reader Debbie Plummer Moore, an Ohio resident who went to the exhibit Sunday and posed with the dress:

carole lombard true confession dress debbie plummer moore 00a

Debbie is also seen in front of the building, which is in downtown Lancaster, Ohio, near Columbus:

debbie plummer moore decorative arts center 00a

Thanks for solving that "mystery," Debbie. Now, some more images of the dress as seen in the film, the last group of which is from the British publication Cinegram:

carole lombard true confession 12b
carole lombard true confession 04b
carole lombard true confession cinegram 02c

Had I been a sleuth with a bit more sense, I would've been able to guess which Lombard "True Confession" dress was being featured. It turns out that in late 2012, the Hollywood Heritage Museum -- located at the famed barn Cecil B. De Mille used for "The Squaw Man" more than a century ago -- exhibited that dress...and I had those photos in my collection, including one of it at the exhibit as well as a close-up:

carole lombard true confession dress hollywood heritage museum 00c
carole lombard true confession dress hollywood heritage museum 01a

But this also was among those pics -- and it claims "parentage" not from Edith Head, but from another famed Paramount designer, one who's far more associated with Lombard:

carole lombard true confession dress hollywood heritage museum 02a

That leads to yet another mystery.
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