April 15th, 2014

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Homeward bound (but shall return)

About 12 hours from now, I'll be leaving Carole Lombard and classic Hollywood behind (in a purely geographical sense), as I'll be traveling from Los Angeles to Washington, via Minneapolis-St. Paul. The week I've spent here has been illuminating, making me all the more certain this is where I want to make my new home.

Precisely where that home will be remains uncertain; I have at least one definite possibility and hope to have a few more soon. I may require another visit, this time focused solely on a place to live, before I confirm where I'll be moving to, and when. A decision of this magnitude doesn't come cheaply -- what do I take with me? What will I leave behind (or try to sell)? What can I store, and where?

While I'm hardly what one would call wealthy, I have enough resources on hand to make the move, and a source of income to keep me going once I head west. It's simply a matter of how to go about doing it.

Congratulations, Los Angeles; you've got another person from the east under your seductive spell, just as you did to a Jane Alice Peters 100 years ago. Stay tuned.
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