April 12th, 2014

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Guess who got a Carole & Co. business card?

It's someone you know and probably like...and a Carole Lombard fan, to boot. If you're in Hollywood this week at the TCM Classic Film Festival, there's a good chance you've seen or met him. He's Ben Mankiewicz, one of Turner Classic Movies' hosts and part of a venerable film (and political) family.

Friday, Ben was walking along Hollywood Boulevard while I was waiting for a bus. I said hello, shook his hand and told him I enjoyed his work on TCM (and I do). He noted I, like him, had Washington roots from the Nationals cap I was wearing. (I didn't have the heart to tell him the Nats had dropped a heartbreaker in Atlanta earlier that night.) I then noted a had a card for my classic Hollywood site, dug one from my pocket, and handed it to him.

Mankiewicz has been quoted as saying Lombard is among his very favorite classic Hollywood personalities, and family relatives either wrote screenplays for Carole or knew her.

Ben, if you do come around this site, please pardon me for the name-dropping (though our visitors include numerous people either associated with film history or currently involved with the industry as writers or actors). I hope you'll enjoy visiting Carole & Co., and continued personal and professional success.

And if any of you at the TCM Classic Film Festival would like a Carole & Co. business card, just look for the guy wearing the curly W (and no, not the one standing for Walgreens).
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