January 20th, 2014

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'Film Pictorial' annual, 1935: Glorify yourself!

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Carole Lombard looked rather glorious decorating the pages of Film Pictorial in its Feb. 27, 1932 issue (even if she was wrongly identified as having a real name of "Carol June Peters"), so it should be no surprise that the British publication used her as an example when it ran a segment called "'Glorifying' Secrets from the Stars" in its annual some three years later. And we have the feature -- or at least the first two pages, which include Carole -- courtesy of Ewa Szymańska:

carole lombard film pictorial annual 1935cb
carole lombard film pictorial annual 1935da

The portion we have also features tips from Kay Francis, Anna Sten, Jean Harlow and Frances Dee, pretty good company to be in. Here's Carole's contribution:

carole lombard film pictorial annual 1935dc

Much of what she says remains good advice nearly 80 years later. (And she illustrated tips on hair in yesterday's entry.)
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