October 5th, 2013

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Universal, before 'Before Breakfast'

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The first film Carole Lombard (shown with Cesar Romero) made for Universal, "Love Before Breakfast," didn't hit theaters until March 1936...but the studio, noting Carole's recent success with Fred MacMurray in "Hands Across The Table," began beating the drums for this movie before 1935 was out -- specifically, in the Dec. 28, 1935 issue of the magazine it sent to exhibitors, Universal Weekly:

carole lombard universal weekly 122835ab

With few, if any, noted players on its roster, Universal borrowed stars from other studios, and in this issue noted its "star power":

universal weekly 122835ca

Note that William Powell is listed for "My Man Godfrey," scheduled for a fall release, but not Lombard (she is mentioned for "Breakfast," as is co-star Preston Foster). Might not she have been cast yet at the close of 1935?

The magazine cover is graced by Binnie Barnes, appearing in "Sutter's Gold":

universal weekly 122835aa

The studio was banking on the success of "Magnificent Obsession" with Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor, slated for release Dec. 30. So much of the issue was devoted to this John Stahl film, even messages from Universal's beloved mogul, Carl Laemmle:

universal weekly 122835da
universal weekly 122835ea
universal weekly 122835fa
universal weekly 122835ga

"Show Boat" and "Next Time We Love" (with Margaret Sullavan getting far more play than James Stewart) were also on the horizon:

universal weekly 122835ha
universal weekly 122835ia

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Carole's beaming smile highlights our latest Lombard LiveJournal header, Paramount p1202-216.
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