September 18th, 2013

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'Photoplay,' April 1935: Blonde appeal

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Ah, the power of blonde, a power Carole Lombard knew well. By 1935, it may have been waning in some corners -- about this time, Central Casting reported that no more than a half-dozen platinum blondes were on its roster, and the princess of platinum, Jean Harlow, was in the process of mutating into something called a "brownette" (but still beautiful) -- so Carole was holding the banner for blondes, as this page from the April 1935 Photoplay made clear:

carole lombard photoplay april 1935 larger

Oh, and the "I" is from Carolyn Van Wyck as part of "Photoplay's Hollywood Beauty Shop."

The magazine had some nice things to say about Lombard's look. As for her latest movie, well...

carole lombard photoplay april 1935ba

A close-up on "Rumba"...ouch:

carole lombard photoplay april 1935bb

Carole's mentioned in the "Hollywood, My Hollywood" piece, but most of it belongs to Bill and Bing, as in W.C. Fields and Harry Lillis Crosby, discussing the curious practice of tourists watching film stars eat:

carole lombard photoplay april 1935ca
carole lombard photoplay april 1935da
carole lombard photoplay april 1935ea
carole lombard photoplay april 1935fa
carole lombard photoplay april 1935ga

The cover star that month was Lilian Harvey, painted by Georgia Warren:

photoplay april 1935 cover large

That issue featured several pages of letters, but we'll focus on this page for its theme of the treatment of the South (and southern accents) in movies, notably in "Imitation Of Life":

photoplay april 1935aa

Cal York's column discussed director Frank Capra, screenwriter Robert Riskin and their often-acrimonious relationship with Columbia honcho Harry Cohn:

photoplay april 1935ba
photoplay april 1935ca

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