May 24th, 2013

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Starting at just 99 cents

carole lombard 110736a name change front
carole lombard 110736a name change back

It's Nov. 7, 1936, and Jane Alice Peters officially bids adieu to her birth name and hello to the moniker known to the world as Carole Lombard. The February 1937 issue of Hollywood magazine would also commemorate the legal move, showing her (wearing the same hat you see in today's avatar) with Superior Court Judge Fletcher Bowron:

carole lombard hollywood february 1937 name change large

Bowron would become mayor in 1938, elected following the recall of corruption-ridden mayor Frank L. Shaw. He served until 1953 and helped reform city government and the police department.

The photo at the top, from the library of the now-defunct Minneapolis Journal, is among five vintage Lombard images an eBay seller is auctioning, all with an opening bid of just 99 cents. As of this writing, four of the five have received one minimum bid; here's the only one that hasn't -- taken for Selznick International Pictures:

carole lombard 2430a front
carole lombard 2430a back

The seller lists the stamp as being from January 1933, not possible because Selznick International didn't exist at the time; it's more likely from January 1939 (probably in conjunction with the release of "Made For Each Other"), with Lombard wearing those multi-strap shoes she was seen in several times.

Two of the images show Carole with Clark Gable. Here's the couple on Sept. 19, 1936 (with Lombard in that hat again!), attending a tennis match:

carole lombard clark gable 091936a tennis front
carole lombard clark gable 091936a tennis back

This is from the library of the Minneapolis Star, which bought the Journal in 1939.

We don't have specifics on this one, but it's a lovely pic nonetheless:

carole lombard clark gable 127a front
carole lombard clark gable 127a back

Finally, a Lombard portrait we've run before, from Robert Coburn, who took what would be Carole's final Hollywood photo session near the end of 1941. The "Jan. 28, 1942" stamp indicates that this image probably was released posthumously:

carole lombard robert coburn 05a front
carole lombard robert coburn 05a back

Bidding on the five auctioned photos ends between 8:35 and 8:39 p.m. (Eastern) Thursday, and by then, expect the price of these to soar well beyond 99 cents.

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