March 13th, 2013

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A pic truly worth a 'Look'

The Pathe-era photos of Carole (or as the studio referred to her, Carol) Lombard hold a definite fascination, as they show her transitioning from a vivacious teen into a sultry young woman. This portrait provides proof:

carole lombard pathe cl-115a larger front

While the number isn't visible here, we know from other versions of this photo we've seen (none of which have anywhere this size and quality) that it's Pathe cl-115, from late 1928 or early '29. We know that from the snipe on the back:

carole lombard pathe cl-115a larger back

This is from the photo archives of Look magazine, so was it among those racy Pathe pics selected for its multi-page spread on Lombard and Clark Gable? The answer is no, and it's easy to explain why: the Gable-Lombard piece ran in May 1937, while this portrait arrived in June.

The photo measures 8" x 10" and is in reasonably good condition. The seller notes, "Creases in all corners otherwise in very good condition. For some reason the uploaded photo shows a line running up and down it, but I assure you it is not in the actual photo."

A vintage portrait of Lombard from the late 1920s won't come cheaply, and that certainly applies to this one. The minimum bid is $199 (none have been made as of this writing), and bids close at 9:30 p.m. (Eastern) next Tuesday. If you'd like this for your collection, you can find out more by visiting

The LiveJournal header is Paramount p1202-49, with Lombard artistic in a metallic dress.
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Just a reminder that later today...

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...Carole Lombard returns to action in the 2013 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney. Carole, top-seeded in the "Funny Ladies" division, takes on fourth seed Jean Harlow in a semifinal match. This one won't be easy, and Team Lombard needs to make itself heard by voting. (The other "Funny Ladies" semifinal pits Myrna Loy against Jean Arthur.)

You'll be able to cast your vote at, where as of this writing with only hours to go, other '30s matches have Barbara Stanwyck leading Claudette Colbert, 44-21; Greta Garbo comfortably ahead of Kay Francis, 42-16; Gloria Swanson barely leading Lillian Gish, 32-30; and in the closest match of the day, Norma Shearer has rallied to tie Marlene Dietrich at 31 apiece. The site also has links to matches in the '40s, '50s and '60s brackets.

So get out the vote...Carole awaits your trip to the ballot!

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